It's Time to Think Little

“May you be blessed by the Lord,

    the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Psalm 115:15

A few times when my children were younger and I promised them a surprise, it didn’t take me long to learn how vividly their imaginations took off as to what that surprise was.  

What I meant by a surprise was maybe a couple of extra hours with daddy or a drive to get some ice cream.

Their imaginations, however, took off at those words and they were already dreaming of what they would do at Disneyworld or with a new bicycle.  

When my real surprise failed to measure up to their imaginary surprise it had the effect of bringing disappointment and a little ungratefulness.

We can carry that into adulthood and into our walk with God if we do not develop the habit of recognizing and thanking God for the ‘little’ things.

Yesterday I received a text from a friend asking how I and my family were doing.  

It was a simple gesture but a real blessing to me.

That got me to thinking about how much we miss thanking God for the little blessing throughout our day.

We get so caught up with what we might call ‘Great Expectations’ that the many blessings that we receive throughout the day can often go unnoticed.

Here is a challenge for these difficult times we all find ourselves in.

Be deliberate in your desire to find and appreciate the multiplied blessings that are yours today.

Will you do that?

If you do I promise you will see a change in your attitude and your outlook!

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Pastor Stephen Brisson