Worthy God and Weighty Words

“For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise;
    he is to be feared above all gods.”
I Chronicles 16:25

God alone is worthy of our praise. 
The word ‘worthy’ can carry the meaning of weightiness. 
Weightiness is something we ascribe great weight to, something to be highly valued and/or esteemed. 
Often we can unwittingly ascribe weightiness or worthiness to things that are in direct contradiction to Gods’ purposes and plans for our lives. 
Have you ever had a doctor tell you that a condition you have is chronic?
When we hear what is spoken we may be tempted to ascribe great ‘weight’ to that word. 
But we must never give that word ‘chronic’ a worth above the declared word of God!
You do not have to continue to live with a condition when God has said He has healed you. 
The enemy often comes in subtle ways to attempt to bring us into bondage or fear. 
When we think “Oh, well – guess I have to live with it”; it is time to take it to prayer!
Often we hear people say that a diagnosis of cancer strikes fear in their heart. 
But when we hear of a condition that is chronic we sometimes allow ourselves to accept what we do not have to accept.
We need not resign ourselves to living below Gods’ best for us. 
Ascribe to God great worth!
Ascribe a ‘weightiness’, a worthiness if you will to His words over the words other might speak into your life. 
Have you been told you have a chronic medical condition and just need to learn to live with it?
Will you believe God wants to heal you?
Don’t give greater worth to the words of men than you give to the Words of God!

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Carole Noyce - May 21st, 2019 at 8:06am

Very good - very well said. I’ve not heard this perspective on Gods Word for healing - it’s very honoring💜

Pastor Stephen Brisson