Exercising My Gifts and Calling

To Apply the Word of God in my life I must
develop the discipline of exercising my gifts and calling.

Psalm 119:140 “Your promises have been thoroughly tested, 
and your servant loves them.”
One way that Gods’ promises can be thoroughly tested in 
our lives is by the exercising of our gifts. 
Do you want to know if God can be trusted? 
Step out in your gifting where you must trust that He has given it to you. 
Do you want to see growth in your walk? 
Step out in your giftings where you will see the 
evidence of growth as you faithfully exercise it. 
Do you want to confirm what you believe is a gift God has given you? 
Step out by exercising it and the Lord will confirm if indeed He has given it to you.
Don’t wait for tomorrow. 
Step out today!
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Pastor Stephen Brisson