Praying the Word

The Word cannot affect and impact our lives unless 
we read and think about it regularly.

What is stress and anxiety caused by?

Usually it is by thinking and meditating on things we cannot change.

Rather than think on those things how about considering peace and protection, mercy and grace, love and kindness, joy and noble things as the writer of Philippians encourages us to do?

It is worth pointing out that the early church prayed Scripture.

As an example, the prayer of Acts 4:24–30 quotes Psalm 2.

Also Old Testament prayers like Ezra’s prayer in Nehemiah 9:6–37
are rehearsals of biblical history and biblical texts.

How do you pray the word?

Take a passage and pray through it –
Listen to these two verses of Psalm 51:12-13
“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit. 
Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will return to You.”

Then taking those two verses into account ,
you might pray something like this as an example –


Let the joy of your salvation well up in me to overflowing.

Let the joy of your salvation be contagious to everyone around me.  

I am sustained by you with a spirit that is ready, willing and,
by your grace, able to do your will.

Remind me over and over and over how blessed and filled with your grace I am because your salvation is given to me.

Let that joy spill out on others so that those who do not know you ask
about why I am so joyful and turn those moments
 into opportunities to teach others about you.

May I see friends, family and even strangers come to
know you because of your joy so filling me.


That is all it is.

It is simply taking His Word and so esteeming and honoring it that we make it part of our prayer back to Him.

It is a wonderful way to learn and meditate on His Word and develop in us the discipline of applying His word in our lives.
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Pastor Stephen Brisson