Taking the Risk, Camping on the Edge!

“Go at once to Zarephath in the region of Sidon and stay there. 
I have directed a widow there to supply you with food.”
I Kings 17:9


How can you take advantage of opportunities to sow into the Kingdom of God and why would you want to do that?
So that God might bring the supernatural into your life and the life of the church. 
The first step is to step out when God tells you to.
Just like Elijah leaving the brook and traveling to Zarephath.
So how else might we begin to experience the supernatural in our lives in order to impact the lives of others?
Be willing to take the risks that are presented by God. 
What does that mean?
Remember in the Bible record that Elijah had been hiding from evil King Ahab.
Elijah was a ‘marked man’. 
He had declared the word of the Lord that there would be no rain.
Of course, the King was not the only person impacted by that declaration. 
It is probably not too far off target to say that most people had very little use for Elijah. 
Here is where the risk comes into play. 
There was no clandestine travel route from the brook to Zarephath that would help conceal Elijah. 
It was all open plains and separated by 90 miles. 
He would be a sitting duck – or at least a ‘moving’ sitting duck!
 God told Elijah He had provision for him in Zarephath. 
He would have to risk the trip, placing his trust in Gods’ protection in order to get to the place of supernatural provision God had for him. 
Don’t you wish sometimes there was an easier way?
Those who know me well; know that I am not a risk-taker. 
  I am not comfortable ‘living on the edge’. 
Left to myself I would camp miles from the ‘edge’. 
 How about you?
Serving God faithfully with a desire to see the supernatural in your life demands you take the risks that God presents.  
An alternate way to say we are willing to take the risks would be to say we: 
“walk by faith!”
Did God speak?
Are we willing to trust Him?
Are we willing to “take the risks”?
Do we believe He can and will keep His word?
If you answered yes, you are halfway to Zarephath already!
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Pastor Stephen Brisson