Stop, Look and Listen!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”
Proverbs 3:5-6

When fear is what we sow, what we reap is bondage to the natural order of the world.
When faith is what we sow, what we reap is the supernatural order of the Kingdom of God.
Fear says: “Me first!”
Faith says: “God first!”
Fear sows in anticipation of getting.
“What’s in it for me?” is a question fear often asks.
Faith sows in anticipation of giving.
“How can I bless others?” is the question faith asks.
We often consider men and woman of great faith and presume they were always ‘that way’.
The truth is God did not suspend biblical principles in their lives.
They, just as we must, had to learn to sow and grow in faith.
It may sound cliché (or simply the lyrics from an old love song) but it is true - As I faithfully grow in my relationship with Christ I can say:
“I trust God more today than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow.”
Fear has the opposite effect.
Unchallenged fear shrivels up the faith of God in my life.
God moving in supernatural ways not only is less likely, it is also something I begin to desire less and less.
Elijah stepped out when God told him to.
He was willing to take the risk that the trip from the brook to Zarephath would mean.
He knew that in doing so, he would find Gods’ source of provision.
Elijah was a man of God who lived with the supernatural hand of God evident on his life.
Is that what you desire too?
Then ask yourself these questions:
God what are you asking me to do today that makes me rely on you as my source and not myself?
What are you requiring of me that demands I respond in faith and not fear?
How can I realize the supernatural hand of God working in my life today greater than it did yesterday?
Ask these questions, then follow the instructions of the signs that used to be posted at Railroad crossings:
Stop, Look and Listen!
God will answer!
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Pastor Stephen Brisson