Mercy for Stumbles

“We all stumble in many ways. 
Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, 
able to keep their whole body in check.”
James 3:2

I want you to notice that James did not write:
Some of us might stumble....
He wrote very definitively
We A-L-L stumble in M-A-N-Y ways. 
The irony is that if you claim never to stumble you already have through pride. 
No one gets off the hook!
That makes it more difficult to hold it over someone else’s head. 
But we do.
We can be so blind to our own faults but over sensitive to the faults of others.
We want forgiveness immediately but find it hard to extend it to others. 
Don’t fall into that trap. 
Remind yourself frequently not only of your need for grace but how generously God gives you His grace and His mercy. 
Let it sink in that you are not appointed as Fault Finder King or Queen
But let’s go one step further – 
Mercy triumphs over justice.
Try a little mercy for the other person today.
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Pastor Stephen Brisson