Good News - It's Simple!

“God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement through the shedding of His blood – to be received by faith.”
Romans 3:25

Simplicity – the state of being simple, uncomplicated or uncompounded.
The Gospel message is Good News. 
It is also simple and uncomplicated. 
Too often it is made complex by our add-ons of “do’s and don’ts”.
The things we think necessary really aren’t.
We were alienated from a perfect, loving father through our sin.
Every single one of us!
God sent His Son to take our punishment.
As the sinless sacrifice, He opened back up the way to the Father.
That’s it!
All we do is accept our need for a savior and receive the free gift offered.
It really is that simple.
Nope, don’t need to get your act together first. 
You can never clean yourself up enough anyway.
Do you tend to complicate the message God has made simple?
Don’t add impediments to someone’s salvation.
Keep it simple!
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Pastor Stephen Brisson