An Engraved Invitation

“Jesus said to him, “Shall I come and heal him?”
Matthew 8:7
Can you imagine an invitation like this?
How would you respond?
Jesus made this statement to a Roman Centurion.
That’s right – He made it to the ‘enemy’.
His offer was to an officer of the occupying army.
Jesus was supposed to be the Messiah of the Jews. 
How could such an offer be extended to one whom the Jews despised?
Jesus was full of surprises and I am sure this exchange raised a few eyebrows. 
Not the least of which were the prim and proper elders of the people.
After all there were plenty of the Children of Abraham who could use a touch by Jesus and here he was ‘wasting’ it on a heathen. 
But Jesus recognized a faith-filled heart and a wise man. 
Time and again he would extend mercy to those in need.
This man came on behalf of his servant but came to Jesus with a greater understanding of who he truly was than most of the leaders of the synagogue and religious rulers of the people. 
Jesus Christ hasn’t changed. 
He offers healing, mercy, compassion and forgiveness to whosoever will.
He offers it to you.
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Pastor Stephen Brisson